Read Scripture Blog: Week 8

A dove’s tail fans outward to form an inverted V-shape. There’s nothing inherently special about the tail. And yet it has inspired the most commonly used joint in woodworking, that has undoubtedly been used on something in your house (unless everything in your house is like mine and from Ikea…). The dovetail joint is not only crucial to woodworking, however; it also has inspired an expressional term – “dovetailing” – that describes how events in your life seem to fit together seamlessly. It’s this expression that will be the focal point of our blog this morning!
Dovetailing is a term that I have only recently become familiar with, over the last three or four years or so, but it has also changed my perspective when it comes to reading Scripture. This is because when I first really began reading Scripture consistently, I was able to hear a message from God through His Word, and then, when I went out into His world, I was able to see/hear that same message seemingly everywhere I looked! My experience in God’s Word and my experience in His world fit together seamlessly, providing the same clear point for me to reflect on.
The fact that the message is seemingly everywhere is mostly due to the fact that as I am meditating on God’s Word and that message, anything around me that adds to or reinforces that message is vividly highlighted. And so, I begin to see it again and again. As God’s Word sinks in, His message to me becomes clear, and most importantly, I am more and more receptive to that message, then I begin to see that message repeatedly in my experience. Since I am now ready to hear/see it, He places it in front of my face. God “dovetails” the message for me to make it more obvious how His Scripture interacts seamlessly with this world.
As you’re reading this week and beyond, I want to encourage you to take time to meditate on God’s Word intentionally. Be open to Him speaking to you through it and give Him the time to be able to do just that! And when you read a passage that seems to challenge you in a particular way, chew on it with your eyes and ears open, because you likely will see/hear parts of that message to you seemingly everywhere!
God wants to speak to us and use us. I’m convinced that the biggest reason why I am not spoken to or used by Him is because of all the noise that I surround myself with and the crammed schedule that I keep. If I don’t make intentional time in my calendar to silence everything around me and be still before God to listen, He won’t speak to me unless He chooses to yell! And if He doesn’t speak to me then how am I supposed to know how He wants to use me?
I’m not perfect at hearing from God, but I have grown in that area in the last year. I hope that this year is better for me in that area, and I hope that it is better for you too! But in order to see that “dovetailing” that God is famous for, we need to be still and listen, and that doesn’t come automatically in our lives! In fact, I’d probably make that case that without intentional changes to their calendar and lifestyle, no American church-goer could ever consistently hear from God. We need to make those conscious changes if we want to be different, and so, I hope that we do, for the sake of His Church!