Read Scripture Blog: Week 6

“I’ll get around to it!” Man, this phrase, whether in our heads spoken to ourselves or said out loud to others, gets us in trouble! Currently, I have two thank you cards on my nightstand that are still waiting to be written… from my birthday… in October. They’re on my nightstand so I can be reminded each day when I get up to make it a priority. Instead, an unintentional consequence is that each night I’m reminded of another day that I forgot! I have good intentions, but they are killed by the attitude of, “I’ll get around to it!” (Side note: I will make it a priority today – February 4th, 2019 – to write them! Hold me accountable!)
But isn’t that where we tend to get in trouble? Our good intentions might as well be thrown out the window as we consistently forget to call that one friend, to write that e-mail, to do those dishes, to read that Scripture… all by failing to make something have the priority that it deserves. I don’t want to give you a guilt trip today! No really! I just wanted to have “Real Talk with you. because as you can see, it’s a problem for me too. One area that was consistently a problem for me (and still is sometimes!). an area that I continually had good intentions and said, “I’ll get around to it.” but had trouble following through, is reading Scripture on the weekends.
Ouch! I hope that didn’t hit you as hard as it hit me! But the reality is, that Monday – Friday is much easier to make the Scripture a priority because it falls right in line with the routine I already have. All I had to do was plug it into what I was already doing. It was easy. It was convenient. But with the weekends, there isn’t the same routine week-to-week, and so it’s not as easy or convenient to plug reading Scripture into the equation and make it a priority. And so, sometimes it just doesn’t happen.
I don’t have the perfect solution to this problem, mostly because I think that at the core it is a heart-issue. All of us need to make the choice to honor God as our highest priority no matter what life around us is like. But there is something that my wife and I have started doing that makes it a bit easier to be accountable to the commitment that we have made with God. We have started to read the Scripture passages together as a family on the weekends. Now I realize that’s easier for us to do with only two people and a dog in the family, but nevertheless it has helped us tremendously in reading more faithfully.
I think the reason reading as a family helps us to read faithfully, is that it has natural accountability worked right in. At any point on a Saturday or Sunday that we have failed to read, one of us can bring it up and it immediately challenges both of us to either make it a priority over what we are currently doing, or to ignore it and say no to God. That accountability and challenge works to reveal where our heart is and if we are willing to humble ourselves for the sake of our commitment to Him.
It may not be the perfect solution for your family either, but if you are having trouble reading the Scriptures on the weekend, I encourage you to try it out! See if it can help bring that accountability and challenge into our homes and help us to choose God over ourselves. I hope the realities of this struggle encourage you to press on and to end the cycle of disappointment.