Read Scripture Blog: Week 4

“Eat your vegetables!” This was a common phrase among mothers when I was growing up. 30 years later, I don’t know if that’s still the case, but I’d hope that it is! You see, while there’s a temptation to forego the fight and impending tantrum from a child, and to choose not to press the vegetable issue with them, it can’t be denied that those ‘yucky green bits’ are crucial to a developing child’s diet. And because of that fact, many loving mothers will continue to say this dreaded phrase to their children at dinner time, despite the reaction that may come as a result. As long as vegetables continue to be a vital source of iron, potassium, fiber and vitamins, it will continue to be worth it to say to a growing child, “Eat your vegetables!”
This principle holds true for a lot of things that we don’t tend to get excited about, things like homework, sports practices, chores, and going to the dentist. O.K., I might get excited about that last one, but only because I would get to see my wife, and not because I am looking forward to having my bicuspids prodded. There are many things in this life that, if given the choice, we would probably forego because, well, we don’t like them very much! And yet it is those things that are so necessary to the things that we want. We want good grades, but we don’t want to do homework; we want to be great at our sport, but we don’t want to practice; we want a clean and comfortable house, but we don’t want to do chores; we want shiny, white, healthy teeth, but we don’t want to go to the dentist. We want the endgame, without putting forth the effort in the areas that are most crucial to getting there.
The same can easily be true for reading the Bible. We may want to know God and what His Word says to us about life, but we might not want to put forth the effort into reading it from beginning to end. We’ll make time to read the exciting parts we know and love, but we don’t want to read through the ‘yucky green bits’ of Scripture. This week, we will be diving into some of the more “boring parts of Scripture – the vegetables of the Bible – in Exodus and Leviticus and then into other parts of the Old Testament. It’s easy to have a similar gut reaction to these parts of the Bible that we have toward the vegetables that we don’t like – “Yuck!” or, “No, thanks!” or, “I’ll try one bite but then I’m done.” But, if we give into that reaction and don’t partake in those portions, we’ll be starving ourselves of essential nutrients that we wouldn’t get otherwise.
It would take a post much longer than this one to dive into just how rich these portions of Scripture are to the overall story of the Bible, but just know that as you read, you don’t have to like the “taste” of the Tabernacle dictation in Exodus or the laws given in Leviticus, but just be faithful to read. I promise you that your Bible-reading “diet” will be much more balanced for it! After all, if it weren’t for the foundational passages coming up these next several weeks, the ministry and life of Jesus simply would not exist! So, this week, I encourage you to ‘Eat your vegetables,” and press on! Just be faithful to keep reading.