Read Scripture Blog: Week 3

Passion is fueled by discovery. Think about your first love or best friend – looking back, how much fun was it to discover new things about them? Or think about your field of study or favorite hobby – how invigorating was it to discover new areas for growth or new techniques to use? As humans, we discover more deeply the things that we are most passionate about. But likewise, that passion we have is fueled by our discoveries. And so, the two go hand-in-hand.

When it comes to relationships, discovery is paramount to growing closer together. Whether it’s learning more about one another, or experiencing new things together, or finding new ways to laugh together, discovery is at the core of our most meaningful relationships. Perhaps a major reason why some marriages fall into decline and apathy is because each person in that relationship has abandoned the discovery process. All I know, is that in my friendship, marriage and my spiritual experiences, the closest I have felt to the other person and the most passionate I was about being with them is when I was discovering.
God is not a cosmic force, so much as He is a relationship waiting to happen. So much of the Scriptures are centered around the theme of reconciliation – the idea of estranged humanity coming back to God and the relationship being made right. Therefore, it’s no surprise that our spiritual desires, habits and works are fueled by our closeness to Him. If we are apathetic about getting to know who God is, then we will be found apathetic in desiring what He desires, apathetic towards habitually meeting with Him and growing closer, and apathetic toward following His guidance and commands. On the other hand, if we are passionate about getting to know who God is, then all those areas become more vibrant.
One of the best things that I focused on the last 8 months in reading the Scriptures each day was something that God told me to specifically focus on (and in fact, this blurb is a good reminder to get back to that process, because following last week’s theme of being publicly accountable, it’s something that I have abandoned in my reading). The challenge that God laid out was to take note of the character of God while I read – to see what God is like while I read and then to meditate on those things intentionally.
So then, I would read the Flood and I would focus on God in it all and see His great mercy but also His wrath toward reckless disobedience. I would then be forced to reconcile that with my experience: what does that mean for me when I sin? How have I seen the mercy of God? How have I taken advantage of God’s mercy towards me? Am I even merciful toward others?
If our goal is to love God by becoming more like Him and faithfully carrying His name with us on this earth, then we need to know who God is and what He is like. That’s why. I believe, God gave me that challenge. And I hope, that by extending that same challenge to you all, that you will find deeper meaning within the Scriptures this year. God’s character is woven throughout His Word; we just need to be passionate enough to discover it!