Read Scripture Blog: Week 14

I just want to take a few moments and briefly look at a key component to any Scripture reading as a reminder to us (especially to me!) to not neglect this fundamental part! Spoiler: it’s prayer.

Read Scripture Blog: Week 13

I had heard an interesting tip for reading the Bible a few weeks ago that I wanted to share with you. It may not be a suggestion that will work for everyone, but I wanted to throw it out there to see if it might be helpful for you!

Read Scripture Blog: Week 12

Today, I just want to share a very practical and (hopefully) helpful tip for you as you continue in the faithful commitment of reading through God’s Word in a year. The idea is simple, but the effect can be profound.

Read Scripture Blog: Week 11

This entry may end up being really short (then again… I can be longwinded in my typing!). but I wanted to share a lesson that I’ve needed God to teach me again and again. Maybe one of these days I’ll truly understand!

Read Scripture Blog: Week 10

“Wow. Your breath really stinks!” “Man, your nails are like Wolverine’s claws!” “Stop yelling at the mailman; he’s just doing his job!” – The way these phrases are heard and understood is drastically different if I am talking to my wife versus if I am talking to my dog. Buster. The meaning and the tone can be different as well! This is why context is so important to communication!

Read Scripture Blog: Week 9

I heard a really good analogy the other day that I’d like to share with you. Charles, Evan and I were watching a sermon by Pete Briscoe from a conference the other day. In it, he gave a clever example of what the terms ‘revelation’ and ‘mystery’ mean in the Bible. I’ll try to recreate what he did. So, I want you to read the following paragraph and see if it makes sense.

Read Scripture Blog: Week 8

A dove’s tail fans outward to form an inverted V-shape. There’s nothing inherently special about the tail. And yet it has inspired the most commonly used joint in woodworking, that has undoubtedly been used on something in your house (unless everything in your house is like mine and from Ikea…). The dovetail joint is not only crucial to woodworking, however; it also has inspired an expressional term – “dovetailing” – that describes how events in your life seem to fit together seamlessly. It’s this expression that will be the focal point of our blog this morning! Read more…

Read Scripture Blog: Week 7

Humility is one of the most important characteristics for God’s people in the Bible. There’s no denying that! I think that sometimes when we think of “humility”, our minds perform word association and we begin to think of humility as “self-humiliation”, bringing yourself lower and lower and lower. But I’ve always thought that was an unfair assessment of the definition of humility.

Read Scripture Blog: Week 6

“I’ll get around to it!” Man, this phrase, whether in our heads spoken to ourselves or said out loud to others, gets us in trouble! Currently, I have two thank you cards on my nightstand that are still waiting to be written… from my birthday… in October. They’re on my nightstand so I can be reminded each day when I get up to make it a priority. Instead, an unintentional consequence is that each night I’m reminded of another day that I forgot! I have good intentions, but they are killed by the attitude of, “I’ll get around to it!” (Side note: I will make it a priority today – February 4th, 2019 – to write them! Hold me accountable!)

Read Scripture Blog: Week 5

There are some things that I just do not understand! For all the things that I’ve learned in my life, some lessons still escape me. Like, what is the deal with girls all going to the bathroom at the same time? Or, if some food items are so unhealthy and should be avoided, then why do we continue to make them so delicious? Or maybe more thought-provokingly, if universities were always meant to be for specialized education, then why did we start diluting them by encouraging everyone to go to them? Some things in life just don’t seem to make sense right away, if at all. This can absolutely be true for the Bible as well.